Migraine Royalty is the brainchild of Holly Rose.

Holly grew up with migraine in nearly every branch of her family tree. As a small child she never imagined her fate would be intimately linked with the suffering she witnessed. As an adult, Holly worked in a wide variety of fields including Systems Trading, Web Design, Life Coaching, Jewelry Design and Editorial Portraiture. Somehow migraine and invisible illnesses invaded every facet and inevitably took over. Life shifted and working through diagnosis and disability became a full time job.

Twenty years have passed since Holly had her first migraine. Her focus is now on celebrating the family that migraine gifted her. Her message is one of self-love, self-acceptance and support.

"Everything you feel is viable and valuable. We can use anything in our lives to become more or less ourselves. Since migraine is what was given to us, we can choose to use it as a path to awakening. To learn to be comfortable with what is excruciatingly, uncomfortable, is to befriend ourselves with true unconditional love. We become less bothered by the irritations of the world. We become fully aware of our innate nobility and seek it in others".


Migraine Royalty

Migraine Royalty is a nod to the kinks in our DNA that make us family. Whether we have MS, Lupus, Fibro, Interstitial Cystitis, Endo, ME, Migraine, or one of the other manifold autoimmune/CNS diseases, we all present a little differently but share a unifying experience. We are born into a legacy and in time we flounder with the discover of what that means for us as individuals. It is not always an easy crown to bear.
Somehow even with experience and Dr.'s recommendation, we find it exceedingly difficult to take the rest we need without guilt.  Gentleness and kindness can also be practices that are hard to extend to self. This is what Migraine Royalty is all about. Let's acknowledge none of us chose our genetics. But since we have them, let's treat ourselves with the kindness and respect we would treat our best friend with. You do not have to apologize for a chronic illness, you do not have to play small. You can wear your crown high on your head and rest with grace knowing that you belong to a wonderful family of like-minded #Royals. You have an amazing support system and a judgement-free space to discuss what is going on for you..

Remember you are innately important, you belong and you were nobly born. We are all lights in the darkness for one another at different times. You can never fully imagine the impact you will have on someones day. Be exactly where you are, and know that it is perfect, that you are understood and embraced. You are (Migraine) DNA Royalty.


*We are always evolving and growing, so if you are interested in sharing your ideas or looking to get involved, drop us a line. Find us on twitter @MigraineRoyalty, @HollyRosePhotog or with the word #Royals, or leave a comment/email us here. The links below will lead you to our Facebook page.